Access Foundation

Sailability Philippines

The first meeting of disabled and volunteers got together at the Manila Yacht Club at 10am last Saturday, 29 July 2006. This was possible because Sailability Singapore kindly donated two Access Dinghies to start our program. Jerry Rollin presented the Sailability Philippines wish list for volunteers to take positions on the committee, some to take care of the administration part, others to assist in the boats or to help assist the disabled and other duties. Volunteers might also get a chance to crew in the bigger yachts once they pick up sailing skills, so everyone wins.  The initial reason for needing to form Sailability Philippines quickly was to develop a pool of Filipino disabled sailors for international and local competitions.

Cherrie Pinpin at FESPIC

Sailing Venue:
Manila Yacht Club
2351 Roxas Blvd Manila

Contact details:
Name: Cherrie Pinpin or Leila Curato
Email: (Cherrie) 2windward@gmail.com
Phone: (Leila) 824-7677
Mobile: 0927-552-0746