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The Spacer from Queensland

Tuesday, 09 February, 2010

by Mike Warner 

The device to be illustrated is called "Spacer".  [The volunteers here named it].  After a slow start with no interest I am delighted that at last there is interest. Please feel free to use the design and make lots of them. They greatly improve the quality of the sailing experience of the clients with poor muscle tone. Volunteers also like it because it avoids the uncomfortable feeling when personal space is lost as the client leans on the volunteer and neither volunteer nor client can do anything about it. The device is not designed to be used on its own, but must be used with cushions appropriate to the size and needs of the client. The headrest is adjustable and is usually best used with some padding. This will usually enable the client to see what's going on where previously his/her head may have 'flopped' back on the rear deck giving him/her a good view of the sky only.







 Spacer Mat/ List

Many thanks to Mike Warner for his design and to John McCausland and Malcolm Murray from Sailability Pittwater for the technical help they provided to produce this Newa Item.


By Peter Singer Sailability NSW