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From Callala Bay News Feb 2010

Tuesday, 02 February, 2010

From Callala Bay News Feb 2010 



      I had a note from Malcolm Cameron about Callala’s very own Sailability programme.

      Now Malcolm, as most people have found out, is not the sort of bloke to let the grass grow under his feet . . . especially where Sailability is concerned!

      Vanishing from Callala Bay for a few days in January, Malcolm travelled down to the Royal Brighton Yacht Club in Victoria to compete in the Sailability Access Class Australian and Victorian Championships.

     <!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Grace Kennedy, a 15-year-old from Vincentia who recently joined the Callala programme, crewed for him in the doubles series and the end results were that Malcolm came fourth in the Access 303 single-handed races with 15 starters and fifth in the doubles with 16 starters.

      The majority of the races on Port Philip Bay were sailed in winds of 24-28 knots so it was a great result for an old bloke with a 15-year-old crew, wasn’t it? Grace represented Sailability Callala in an exemplary manner both on and off the water.

      Apart from being great fun these regattas have proven to be a useful networking opportunity, so Malcolm got to work talking with several of the other Sailability Clubs.

      Talking with the President of Sailability Narooma, he found out that they haven’t operated for over two years and Malcolm was asked if he could make use of their boats? 

      As a result of that discussion and a meeting of the Sailability NSW Executive the next evening Sailability Callala was given control of Sailability Narooma’s assets namely six Access Sailing Dinghies, an inflatable support boat and motor and a trailer that transports the six boats. These assets are on loan to Sailability Callala and must be returned to Narooma if they restart their club.

      Malcom regarded this opportunity as a “use it or lose it situation”. 

      Now that Callala Junior Sailing School is operating under the Sailability banner, several of the boats will be used as basic trainers for the sailing school juniors. The remainder will be utilised for general Sailability Callala use.

      So, what does all this mean to you?

      Well, they need more people wanting to sail - any age or ability (4 to 104) with just a love of our beautiful bay.

      You can just be taken sailing or be taught how to sail.

      It also means YOU can volunteer to help.

      You don’t need to know boats - just generally helping out frees up some of volunteers who can sail to either be a “companion sailor” or to teach others.

      And . . . here’s the great part: Sailability is not sailing for disabilities it is sailing for everyone!

      Sailability is run Thursday and Saturday mornings from 9 am down at Callala Junior Sailing School.

      Need to know more? Then give Malcolm a call on 4446 4203 . . . NOW!

Malcolm Cameron-2

The picture shows Malcolm Cameron being presented 2010 Callala Bay Citizen of the Year in recognition of his work among people with disabililties.





By Malcolm Cameron